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  Door Closer

various advanced functions available for you to choose:

Range of duel-speed conrtol: The closing speed is 180-15° and the locking speed 15-0° .

Stopping function at 90° : As opening the door up to 90° , the door can maintain at the state of 90° .

Closing and locking speed adjusted successively: Starting from 90° ,the closing speed can be adjusted the fastest speed within 3 seconds but the slowly-closing speed is over 40 seconds.

Buffer function: After the door is opened over 65° ,the door closer can produce a certain damping force,avoiding it impacting the wall due to too much opening force and speed,and its damping force is adjustable.

Time delay closing function: The manufacturer sets the door at 20 seconds between 180° and 65° ,which can be adjusted at least one second,convenient for door or disabled going in and out.

Adjustable function for door closing force: Select the different door closing force in accordance with the door of different size and different weight,The force-adjustable door closer can adjust the spring to min.closing force so as to lessen the opening resistance and enable the old or disable going in and out conveniently.


Installation chart for professionally-hidden door closer


Installation method for open door closer

Available colour selection



Big square Door closer(S)

*  Door size: 500mm-1000mm

*  Loading weight: 35-50kg

*  Func. choice: 90° Hold-open/Non Hold-open





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